Saturday, 29 April 2017

the heart glasses

Hey guys! Do you remember when last week I curled up my hair with the hair straightener  from irresistible me? Well since it won't happen again in a long time cause I'm too lazy to re-do it I thought to shoot a couple outfits :) I'm actually thinking now on how bold I've been choosing sandals while out of the window right now is raining cats and dogs with no more than 8°C. Freezing just at the thought.. 
I struggled quite a lot before picking these heart shaped glasses from zaful cause it looked like that kind of item that it's fun and you would love to wear but it looks always "too much" for a chilled routine day and too built on a more "organized" look.. in the end I took them anyway and once here I actually found them way less "dramatic" and what I expected.. yes basically are my new go to kinda pair of sunnies :) 
The shirt was an other item I was not really sure about cause I've got an other checked one (same exact pattern) that I got from a Zara a while ago...which you might remember from a few posts ago..of course I didn't wanted the same shirt twice.. but I really liked the cut of this one and the fact it's mostly for summer (while the other is very thick) and I'm happy I did so :)